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Historical Population

The population of San Jose grew from 26,121 in 1990 to 103,051 in 2015, an increase of 76,930 people. The latest census figures in 2015 denote a positive growth rate of 3.00%, or an increase of 14,829 people, from the previous population of 88,222 in 2010.

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Brgy Clearance

A Barangay Clearance is a government-issued document in the Philippines. It is used to certify a person with good moral character and a law-abiding citizen of a certain barangay.

Brgy Business Permit

Barangay Business Clearance is one of the permits or documents required when registering a new business in the Philippines.

Brgy Residency ID

Barangay Clearance or Certificate of Residency is one the Philippine government issued identification documents needed for many important business, job, or personal transactions.

Brgy Indigency

Certificate of Indigency to be secured by client from their respective barangay, it is one of the basis of MSWDO Municipal Social Welfare and Development officer in the assessment and issuance of Certificate of Indigency in availing programs and services that are available in other institutions as such to avail free.

Brgy Financial Assistance

A barangay is entitled to a mandatory financial aid of not less than P1,000.00 from the provincial and city/municipal governments where the barangay is located. Likewise, a barangay is also entitled to receive voluntary donations, grants or aids from any public or private entity.

Brgy Health Services

Barangay health workers are a type of community health workers and act as health advocates and educators within their communities. They live in the communities they serve and receive about five weeks of training, ranging from administering immunizations, weighing children, birthing services, etc.